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Hello, I'm April. Mom to Alicia, Katie, Emily and wife to Jerry. Oh, and mother-in-law to Justin and Zack (I'm still getting used to the M-I-L role).

 I was born and raised in Alaska, lived in Florida for many years before moving to Belgium 14 years ago where my husband and I are currently directors of an NGO, Breaking Chains Network. Our mission is to offer help, hope, and healing to women who are trafficked and exploited in the red light districts in Belgium and throughout Europe. 

I am currently working on my Master's degree in International Community Development so I do not have much free time, but when I do, I enjoy reading, travel, and photography.

I look forward to contributing to this blog as it is a thread that connects our family in Belgium, Spain, Florida, and California together in this adventure called Life! 


Hi! My name is Alicia and I currently live in San Diego, California. I work for the Navy and enjoy the opportunities it gives me to travel and meet new people. I read more than the average person and believe that a person can never have too many books or too much time to read. I'm still trying to figure out how to get someone to pay me for reading the books I WANT to read when I get out of the Navy. 

Working out is very important to me and I try to fit it into my busy schedule! I love running, weightlifting, yoga, swimming and Zumba. I have dreams of getting into stand up paddle boarding someday so I can take my puppies with me!

I am married to a wonderful Marine, Justin, and have two big and hyper dogs who are the only children I am worried about having for a while. They are great cuddle buddies and the best video game audience a girl could ask for. 


I'm Katie and I am an awesome writer, artist and all around cool sister. (No really, my sisters said so). I work as an academic editor and English tutor, which I hope will help me become a book editor and possibly a writer in my own right one day. I currently live in Tampa, Florida and love reading, playing video games, sampling new coffee, and hanging out with my husband, Zack.

Zack is allergic to all things corn, so our diet has shifted pretty dramatically to cut out all corn products (which is pretty much anything processed). We try to eat as cleanly as possible and love to find ways to enjoy healthier versions of our favorite treats. 

We hope to have dogs some day along with a few house cats,a serval, some birds of prey, and a plethora of saltwater creatures. But until we get out of our apartment, we give all our love to our two clown fish and our many coral pieces.  

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