Friday, January 9, 2015

Alicia: For the want of Quinoa

I was excited to make the bell pepper recipe last night. I cleaned up the kitchen, pulled up the recipe, started to get out the ingredients, and quickly realized that the quinoa I was sure we had in the pantry wasn't there anymore.

I double checked to be just to be sure. There was an incident Christmas Eve when I was sure the pantry had disappeared the lasagna noodles I bought. It took a thorough search of the house and car to turn up the the pantry. With my improved detective skills, I confirmed the quinoa was truly missing. 

Not to be deterred in my effort to cook at least once this week, I fell back to my alternate plan: Smoked salmon egg white frittata with arugula. I made it once before and thought it turned out well enough to try it again. Last time it was way too salty, so I left out the salt all together this time. I also added two whole eggs to the egg whites and threw in the last of the sharp cheddar cheese and parmesan we had in the house. The added cheese barely covered the palm of my hand! We like cheese way too much in this household. I think it came it pretty decently! I had some problems getting it out of the skillet, so it was more in chunks than slices, but it tasted delicious! 

Justin came home late and heard about my woes concerning the missing quinoa. He confirmed it was not in the was in the spice cupboard. I didn't put it there, but it was hiding out with the rice all the same. I think we are going to call a truce and blame it on the dog.

This is a little late, but here are some pictures of the dogs in their Christmas costumes. I still can't answer the question of why exactly the dogs need Christmas costumes, but believe me they do!

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