Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alicia: Number 50 Does't Seem Too Bad

I spent the morning at Starbucks and stayed much later than I intended! 

I was too lazy last night to pack my own lunch for work and was running too late this morning to throw something together before I ran out the door. Instead of going hungry (NEVER an option) I bought one of the lunch box things at Starbucks. It was pretty tasty! The wrap was filled with fresh and crunchy vegetables. The roasted tomato sauce rocked my world and more than covered my exciting flavor needs. Very tasty. 

I wonder if I could figure out how to duplicate the recipe. I think sun dried tomatoes would do great in a sauce like this!

I headed to Mysterious Galaxy bookstore after work in order to prepare for one of the greatest events of the year: the Brandon Sanderson book signing! 

I was at the New Years Day event they had to help celebrate the opening of their new store location and found out about the booking signing that Mr. Sanderson will be doing on the 20th of January for his newest book, Firefight. I went to the bookstore today to buy a copy. I am normally a hardcore Amazon fan, but I went to the bookstore today for two reasons:

1) I wanted to support a local, independent bookstore that has wonderful and friendly people working there.

2) MOST IMPORTANTLY... The book signing is a numbered event and I needed to buy a copy of the book in order to receive my numbered ticket. I will be the 50th person in line to have my copy of Firefight signed. Not too bad! 

I will also be bringing my copy of The Emperor's Soul. Emily got me the novella two years ago for my birthday before I had really discovered Brandon Sanderson's work. It was on my wishlist, but I hadn't quite gotten around to reading it. I am so glad she gave me the extra push!

 I told Justin I wouldn't be too creepy when I go to the book signing. I don't want Brandon Sanderson to think that I am some crazy stalker. That's why I am only bringing two books. I wouldn't want it to get awkward if I walked in with a whole armload.  

I really got into his books last year on deployment. I read his first book, Elantris, and liked it so much I thought it was worth the hassle of ordering the Mistborn trilogy and having them sent to the ship while we were sitting in the middle of the ocean. It took a month, but it was well worth it. I didn't like how the series ended, but wasn't so disappointed that I wouldn't enthusiastically recommend them to my sisters. The series was redeemed for me when I fould The Alloy of Law after deployment. I finished reading it before Christmas and loved it! I like the the book is set 300 years after Mistborn: The Hero of Ages ends. It is a mix between Firefly and a classic gumshoe detective novel.    

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