Sunday, January 18, 2015

Alicia: Ha! I finally did it!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally got around to making the quinoa stuffed bell peppers that I have been trying to make for 2 weeks now. Hey, things get busy and it's so much easier to just grab a microwave meal...or some popcorn!

So, without further ado, the process of love:

Take 6 peppers and cut off the top and hollow out the inside. I made the mistake of picking up two peppers that wouldn't sit up on their own, so I had to lean them against the side of the pan. Make sure to look at the tipsiness of your peppers when you buy them! 

Cook the the quinoa and transfer it to the bowl where you will mix everything else from the recipe all together. I didn't use the feta cheese or cilantro that was recommended. It still turned out quite tasty! 

Take the mixture when you are finishedand scoop it into the peppers. I thought I was going to have too much filling, but I ended up being a little short on the last two peppers. I filled them to the brim and added cheese on top in addition to the cheese already in the recipe. 

I stuck everything in the oven and pulled it out later for an excellent dinner!

Overall rating:
I enjoyed this meal and had lots of leftovers since Justin was in the field last week. It only gets 4 out of 5 stars since I had some problems cooking the peppers. The insides were super tasty, but the peppers were crunchy where I was expecting them to be soft and easy to cut. More like peppers in a fajita! Next time I make this, I am going to try cooking the peppers first and then adding the ingredients and putting in all back in the oven. Hopefully that way the peppers will turn out more as expected. For people like Katie and Zack, you should be able to take out the corn and purchase a cheese without corn additives and it should be perfect for people with corn sensitivities! 

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