Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alicia: Meeting Brandon Sanderson!

On the 20th, I had the great opportunity to meet Brandon Sanderson at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore! He was there promoting his new book, Firefight. I will post a review of this book later, but I can tell you it was awesome! I purchased the book two weeks before the signing along with the first book in the series, Steelheart. I had no problem flying through Steelheart, but got caught up in work and life and was stalled with Firefight. I ended up going to the book signing early and finishing the book while I was waiting for the event to start! The owner of the bookstore said that people had started showing up for the signing at 1530 and it didn't start until 1930! Needless to say, I was too late to get a seat! I did find a good place to stand near the front squeezed in between two book shelves. 
A lot of people showed up for the event and packed the bookstore. There was a group of girls in beautiful capes and various other people dressed in random fantasy articles not necessarily related to Mr. Sanderson's works. I wore my Captain America sweatshirt and Darth Vader shoes. I figured I should try to be as nerdy as possible! It worked and I got a lot of compliments on my sweatshirt. There was another guy there in a Captain America shirt and we connected as the super hero twins. It was a lot of fun! 

During the Q&A I asked Mr. Sanderson if he could write in another writer's universe again, which would he choose to be a part of. He complimented the lyrical writing style of Patrick Rothfuss but said it was too far outside of his own writing style to mimic well enough to write in Rothfuss' universe. He said he admired Brent Weeks' magic systems but if he had to choose one universe, it would be Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I have always loved the Dragonriders of Pern and am excited to know that he enjoyed the series as well! Anne McCaffrey was an amazing writer and was one of the first authors I discovered when I stared reading fantasy books.

Mr. Sanderson gave out character cards as part of #Steelhunt2015 that have a link to Perfect State, a novella of Mr. Sanderson's that has no been published yet. I received one with the High Epic Newton on it. I am too excited! Perfect States looks just as compelling as Mr. Sanderson's other works and I am excited to read it in its entirety. 

I was the 50th person in line for the book signing that took place after the discussion, and it was well worth the wait. Mr. Sanderson personalized two copies of Firefight for me as well as The Emperor's Soul and The Alloy of Law. I had one copy personalize for Katie who was a Sanderson fan years before I had read any of his books. He signed the Firefight books with bad puns. Too perfect! 

If you ever get a chance to to to a signing with Brandon Sanderson, I would definitely recommend it. He answers everyone's questions and has a great personality to be around. It was worth staying up past my bedtime for! 

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