Friday, January 23, 2015

April: Snowmen, superglue and letting go......

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. The skiing snow family! We bought it years ago when our 3 girls were under 10 years old and it perfectly depicts our family doing one of the things we love doing most together...skiing!! Dad is helping Emily, Mom on skis, Alicia on a sled and Kate going down the mountain on a tube, with birds next to her (she used to have a pet bird). It has weathered many years, including several moves. A little super glue and a lot of TLC keeps it usable each year. 

Wesley with his stocking
Can't say the same for our snowmen stocking holder family though, a couple of them are beyond repair I'm afraid. One of them got knocked off the mantle this year in a game of chase between Wesley and Emily and when it crashed and it's head went rolling across the floor didn't look good for fix-ability. It had already be repaired in the past. I have a hard time letting go of some of the meaningful family treasures, as simple as a snowman stocking holder is. After all, they are still with us, when two of our daughters have grown, finished college, gotten married and for the first time in 25 years were not home for Christmas this year as their new jobs, and responsibilities did not make it possible. 

So I guess I will get out the super glue and patch up the snowman stocking holder once again...just not ready to let go quite yet......even if two of the stocking holders were empty this year....well. okay, they didn't stay empty, I bought the cat and dog their own stockings as hanging only three did not seam right! They certainly loved getting a stocking full of toys and treats smile emoticon Christmas morning and while it was not the same, it was nice to have 5 stockings hanging by the fire again.

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